New Generation 3D Slot – JACK’S T-REX – by

New Generation 3D Slot – JACK’S T-REX – by

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Jack’s T-Rex – New Generation 3D Slot by

Jack is playing outside on a sunny day with his toy airplane… When all of a sudden he stumbles on a package from the military base… In big letters, stamped on the side, it says: TOP SECRET!

Jack fantasizes about what could be inside and decides to bring it home. What he finds will change his life forever… The huge secret inside actually becomes his best friend… But how do you have a friend that is a T-Rex and get away with it?

A year passes and the friendship grows bigger — and so does the T-Rex! Then fate comes knocking when an FBI Special Projects Agent comes to Jack’s door… He’s looking for the “secret” they lost one year ago…

Will Jack be able to keep his new best friend hidden away from the FBI? Will his imagination help to save his special friendship with his T-Rex?

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